Benefits of Joining

Woodland Weavers and Spinners is a vibrant and active guild with membership open to all those interested in weaving and the fiber arts. Membership provides many opportunities to meet and exchange ideas, learn about a variety of fiber art topics, socialize with other fiber arts enthusiasts, participate in sales events, serve on volunteer committees and more!

Membership benefits include:
• Monthly Meetings – September through June
• Speakers – scheduled presentations by local, regional & national known experts
Workshops – opportunities to learn techniques in hands-on sessions
Newsletters – monthly newsletters including updates, announcements & items of interest
Email Announcements – important notices & timely reminders
Textile Arts Market – members are eligible to sell their handmade items at our annual sales
Scholarships – educational assistance is available for approved weaving and fiber art workshops
Library Access – borrow from our extensive DVD collection on fiber art topics
Equipment Rental – a variety of looms & spinning wheels are available for rent
Private Facebook Page – engage with other members on social media
Website & Public Facebook Page – features photos of members’ products and links to members’ business sites
Study Groups – special interest groups for in-depth study on fiber art topics                                                                             • Community Outreach – offers opportunities to demonstrate and educate the public about weaving, spinning and other fiber arts
Leadership Opportunities – contribute your expertise by serving on a committee or as a board member
Retreats & Social Events – for networking, sharing and learning!

Annual Membership. Only $30!

Equipment Available to Rent

Wolf Pup

4H 18″ Wolf Pup Floor Loom.

Baby Wolf

8H Baby Wolf 26″ Floor Loom

Dorothy Loom

4H 18″ LeClerc Dorothy Loom

Tapestry Loom

Schacht Tapestry Loom.

Norwood 22"

4H 22″ Wolf Pup Floor Loom.

Inkle Loom

Schacht Inkle Loom.

Louet S15

Louet S15 Spinning Wheel.

Schacht Matchless

Schacht DT Matchless. Best for experienced spinners.


EEL Espinner.

Additional Rental Equipment

The guild also has a variety of accessories such as bobbins, shuttles, reeds, skein winder and swift. 

Each can be rented for nominal fee. Contact Equipment Manager for more details. 

Many years ago, probably mid to late 80’s, I joined the Woodland Weavers and Spinners Guild.   What a lucky day that was for me!!”

One year a very dear friend of mine decided she would join WW&S.  We rode up to the meeting together and she was most impressed with the meeting and how friendly and supportive everyone was.  She felt so welcomed.  I will never forget our ride home that evening.  For the hour ride we were happily discussing how welcomed we felt at WW&S, and how wonderful it was to be part of that atmosphere..  We could not believe our good fortune at having found such an inviting and supportive group of weavers, spinners, and fiber artists.   

“Reconnecting a family to their loom”!

Many years ago, I answered an ad to purchase another loom and discovered it was being sold by the father of a family friend. When they learned I was teaching some refugees to weave on a floor loom I was gifted that loom and have enjoyed it for years. This past December at our Textile Arts Market sale I was delighted to see our family friends after many years and mentioned that I had their grandmother’s loom and wondered if anyone in their family might want to use it. Their faces lit up with excitement as they explained that the oldest daughter, Lizzie, had declared just the night before after visiting our sale, that she thought ‘weaving was in her future’.  That week I gifted the loom back to the family to surprise Lizzie for Christmas and I was blessed to spent time teaching her some weaving basics on her family’s loom.  Lizzie’s and her great grandmother have connected over weaving and the loom has found its way back home after many years.”

-ChiChi VanDyke