Upcoming Workshops & Retreats

(Cancelled) March 13, 20, 27, 2023  April 24, 2023  
Twill Gamp Weaving on 4 & 8 Harness Looms.


Martha Town

I have been weaving for 40 years, and am a member of Michigan League of Handweavers, HGA, Complex Weavers Guild, and several local guilds. I am a self
taught weaver who has benefited from many workshops and conferences over the
years. I earned the Handweavers Guild of America Certificate of Excellence – Level 1 in 1986. As a fan of twill structures, I quickly moved to multi-shaft weaving and currently weave on an 8 shaft Baby Wolf, 8 shaft Gilmore, and a 16 shaft compudobby AVL. I love to weave functional items for the home, as well as scarves, and yardage. My work has been accepted in HGA’s Small Expressions Exhibits and Convergence Yardage exhibits. I have won several awards, including Complex Weavers awards at MLH Conferences and Midwest Conferences. I live in Hillsdale County, Michigan on a 100 acre farm, with my husband and a flock of sheep that provide spinning fleeces, and fiber to dye. Being in the countryside with wildflowers, a wide sky, and quiet wonder, provides lots of inspiration for my weaving.

April 15, 2023
Spring Retreat

9am – 4pm Sunshine Room at CRC Campground 

October 15, 2022
Fall Retreat

10:00am – 4:00pm
Connor Bayou Woodland Cabin
8115 W Olive Rd, West Olive, MI


November 5, 2022
Twined Needle 10am-4pm

Nancy Devries
Location: FOB Metro Lodge
1753 Alpine Ave NW,
Grand Rapids MI 49504

Nancy DeVries

I actually started my fiber journey as a spinner and floor loom weaver.  Neither were very portable. After having 3 boys who participated in swim teams, soccer, and track and field, I needed something creative that was also very portable.  It ended up being Basketry.  I had my first introduction to baskets with Priscilla Lynch, shortly before moving to Vermont.  I continued my basketry education while in Vermont by attending the University of Vermont and getting a Certificate in Fiber Arts.  I also attended many conventions and read many books and made many baskets the past 30+ years.  For me, the coolest things about baskets are that every culture made them.  There are many types of baskets and many types of materials, and I have had a wonderful time trying them out!