Fiber Arts Study Groups

Rag Weaving

The group shares repurposing projects on which they are working, asks questions, and is rather informal, with each pursuing their own interests and sharing. Our meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 pm. We will meet at each other’s homes or Zoom as weather and Covid dictate.



Spinning meets at the home of Jane Yelvington the third and fifth Monday of the month. This is a chance to enjoy each other’s company and to learn from fellow spinners. The gathering is open to all, and WWS membership is not required. Those attending should plan to wear a mask.

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Rigid Heddle 

The Rigid Heddle study group met in August. We talk about weaving and fibers and life in general. We’re taking September off, then meeting in person at the fall retreat in October. We need to find a new meeting place for our meetings starting in November.

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If you are interest in making handwoven clothing please join us. We have been using the Fit to Art Tabula Rasa pattern. We will meet in the afternoons starting in November. Evening group can be set up.


Upcoming Workshops

October 16, 2021
Handspun Wire Core 10am-1pm

Emily Wohlscheid, Handspun Wire Core 10am-1pm Location: FOB Metro Lodge
#97, 1753 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504


Emily Wolscheid
March 5 & 6, 2022
Deflected Double Weave

Natalie Drummond, Deflected Double Weave, 10am-4pm


Natalie Drummond


April 3, 2022
Nålbinding 10am-5pm

Nålbinding is the craft of making a textile from loops of yarn; it is a craft for mavericks. Learn it and you’ll be forever free from the tyranny of patterns and rules. My best advice to someone trying nålbinding for the first time is to be patient with yourself while learning and to persist. Can’t start in the round? Crochet your first round! Can’t do the spit-splice joins? Let ends dangle and weave in later. Persist, keep going, and all will be well with more practice.

Heidi Bukoski grew up in an artistic household where she was able to try many art forms. Her love of fiber arts started with knitting in Girl Scouts.  Weaving was added while in high school. Natural dyeing came in college.  In the many years since then numerous other techniques have crossed her path.  Weaving and traditional wet felting have remained constants. Most recently forays into jewelry and wire work, and knotting and braiding have piqued her interest.  Combining techniques or taking them in unexpected directions is her favorite challenge.



Heidi Bukoski

Weaver & Fiber Artist